Strategische Chancen nutzen

Which strategic fields are you able to develop? Which developments are happening with your clients? What do the markets require? Which channels of information are used by your target group?

Generate insights

The prerequisite of every strategic map is the understanding of the markets. Which behavior patterns, mindsets, needs manifest themselves? Which developments are predictable? Which trends are pressing ahead?

To answer your questions we familiarize ourselves intensively with your strategic questioning and we convince you with fresh ideas.

Close to the market

We bring you closer to your (potential) customers: our panels reach permanently and world wide 10 million consumers in more than 100 countries. In combination with your existing contacts you can now enter into dialogue with a highly relevant community.

Observing online behavior

The digital world changes everything, and above all the information and communication behavior of human beings. Already short monitoring sessions of online use, so called digital Client Journeys, offer deep insights which you can use as an important base for your own strategic considerations, both in real world and in the digital world. We invite you to experience one of the most exciting journeys in your customer’s world you’ve ever made. Of course all data are anonymous and are collected without  intruding into the privacy of individuals.



Silvia Heisch – Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition –

Dialego operates professional market research with innovative tools and understands how to connect the needs of the clients with those of the consumers. The results are convincing: Dialego delivers important insights for our brand communication.

Silvia Heisch – Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition –
– Frankfurt, Germany


Observing shopping

Strategic options can also emerge at the point-of-sale. To reach this, we simulate shopping surroundings and observe the behavior of the customers. This can offer a decisive factor of how your product should be placed in the market.

One step ahead

This is how we make sure you will always be one step ahead of your competitors

Example of a research platform “taking advantage of strategic chances”

Insight research with the Dialego MindVoyager > Understanding customer behavior with Web Tracking> Discover shopping behavior with the tool FutureMarketShelf

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