We only operate with the most modern and highest performance tools. If they don’t exist in the market, we develop them ourselves — for high demands and without compromises. International awards, which confirm regularly the innovativeness of our products, prove our aspirations and convince experts.

Playful co-creation for the respondents and attractive, visually intuitive reports for you as a client? Our award winning market research tools open up new perspectives and deliver impressive insights. And they do not only convince with sophisticated algorithms, but they also explain which conclusions you should draw.

FIPP Award_300Cross-media-success barometer of Dialego and Gruner+Jahr

GRIT-50-Logo_300Top 50 most Innovative Market Researcher

Preis der deutschen Marktforschung_300 Dialego BrandSculpture, Innovation of the Year

ESOMAR_300 Dialego MindVoyager, Nomination Best Methodology

Preis der deutschen Marktforschung_300 Dialego FutureMarket Shelf, Tool of the Year

Pioneers’ work

Ever since the founding of our company it has been our strength to develop our own online tools. In the history of Dialego this resulted in the creation of several groundbreaking tools that are known far beyond the German market. Our clients can be sure they will always be on the front line.

Concentrated digital competence

Digital competence means in particular not to do everything oneself but rather to orchestrate an intelligent choice of existing instruments. Contemporary technologies are developed with open standards, which allows a seamless connection of different tools. The crucial part is to compose the appropriate instruments specifically for you.

Individual platforms

This is why we have created individual platforms for our clients, which are a composition of modules to map in an optimal way the requirements in the company. Such a platform is always agile and it adapts itself to the changes in the company if required.



Expressive feedback, impressively productive

Dialego VisualConceptMapping is a unique tool we use to generate extensive feedback to the most different visual stimuli. The participants can express interactively and completely intuitively what they think and feel, in relation to a product, a packaging, a website, an advertisement or any other concept which can be presented visually.

To operate VisualConceptMapping is very simple. You mark something and give your opinion to it. Survey participants comprehend our tool in a few seconds and use it completely naturally to express their spontaneous thoughts to the concepts of our clients. Co-Creation at its best.


❤  – our clients love it

Also available as a Do-It-Yourself-Instrument at SmartMunk.

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Real consumers. Real conversations. In real time.

Dialego MindVoyager offers a deep understanding of consumer needs. Online conversations in a protected research community can be analyzed in detail. Being a qualitative tool MindVoyager delivers precise results of a discussion going on for about 10 days with 100 to 300 persons of your target group drawing up consumer insights from real interactions. The first comprehensive results are available in real time.

MindVoyager is fun, commits the customer fully and is unique in its property to trigger real enthusiasm for the exchange of views between the participants.

ESOMAR Nomination Best Paper Award

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Customer advisory council. Long term dialogue with your customers

You desire a long term connection with your customers? With the customers advisory council you can go in direct exchange with your (potential) customers. The members actively engage with your brand and pass on advice and experiences with your products and services.

In a customer advisory council you have from 300 up to 5,000 (potential) customers accessible all the time, and you have access to their preferences, opinions and thoughts. Together with you we recruit the participants, we help with the support of the community, the development of relevant questions and of course with the evaluation of the results.

Our special feature: even at very short term your customer advisory council is at your disposal enabling new requests on a daily basis. It is not necessary anymore to put up major opinion polls for everything. Nowadays most things go fast and results appear promptly within your advisory council.


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The first holistic brand observation of the world

Dialego BrandSculpture draws a holistic image of the relationship network between consumers and brands or products. This tool which has gained several awards permits in a fascinating way to locate the position of your brand in the market segment.

BrandSculpture is as efficient as it is simple in its application. The results reveal in graphic representation emotional bonds, buying potentials and brand substitution – with this tool you develop your brand to the favorite of the consumers.

Award of German market research, innovation of the year

As do-it-yourself-instrument also available at SmartMunk.

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Shopping just like in the real word

Our virtual shelf is an extremely quick and reliable solution to check your products’ performance in real shopping surroundings. The realistic shopping simulation makes it possible to test the assertiveness of new products and to investigate shopping behavior. Learn more about the performance of your new product in the competitive environment, long before the competition realizes the strategic decisions you are taking.

Price of German market research, Tool of the Year

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Text analysis of the next generation.

Dialego SemanticMining is one of our strongest core technologies and is applied in a lot of our tools. Being a hybrid method, it quantifies the qualitative insights obtained from consumer statements.

SemanticMining reduces the complexity of extensive data records, by extracting automatically the meaning out of any texts, in almost every language.

As do-it-yourself-instrument also available at SmartMunk.

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Digital customer journeys

Dialego Web Tracking permits you a glance over the shoulder of a web surfer. With technical observation all activities of your target group in the internet are documented -both mobile as well as stationary- to permit you to participate in the digital life of that group. Of course, within the limits of data protection.

The analysis delivers information about the online user behavior of your target group and about the success of digital offerings. Here you are not limited to your own offers, but you can examine carefully the whole range of web offerings.

Furthermore the advertising impact of every live advert campaign can be analyzed online. Issues like the success of particular campaigns can also still be answered ex post. In combination with surveys in the panel you win an unbeatable data fund for your strategic moves in the web. We implement web tracking with random samples from the Dialego Access Panel.

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