Innovationen launchen

Nowadays, innovations are the core element of every company. You need agility to be right at the front. Whether you are developing in-house innovations, operating an external unity or corporate incubator or checking the potential of an idea within a M&A project: success depends on how quickly you set and follow up the right priorities.


Prof. Dr. Günther Schuh – e.GO Mobile AG

The more innovative a product, the more difficult it is to predict what customers will like. Dialego‘s co-creation helped us to identify, what‘s really important to our potential clients and how they want their requirements executed.

Prof. Dr. Günther Schuh – e.GO Mobile AG
– Aachen, Germany

Development of new products in the age of digital transformation.

With our quick feed back sessions you achieve quickly an estimation as well as a development of potential, providing you with an advantage over the competition. With digital design thinking you develop new products and services quicker and at lower cost, initial ideas flourish to concepts and prototypes and to adapted ideas which are launched into the market.

Changed markets

Digital markets also change the innovation process. Often, products are not pure products anymore, but they are connected with services, which only get optimized as soon as the product is launched onto the market. Just think about trainers connected with an app, connected homes or self driving cars.

Agile Produktentwicklung
Agile product development — quicker into the market, larger success
Source: Prof. Dr. Günther Schuh – RWTH Aachen Campus
The innovation process — first effectivity, then efficiency
Source: Prof. Dr. Frank Piller – TIM RWTH Aachen

Co-Creation as a method

We focus on co-creation methods which bring you and your development in a dialogue with the consumer. As a result, customers are integrated into the development of products and services from start to finish, leading to greater satisfaction.

Picking up trends

Individualization, networking and the Internet of Things mean one thing in particular: innovation and development are ongoing. We are ready for this process. And we help you to gain the decisive advantage in the market.

Example of a research platform “Launching Innovations”

Strategic orientation and conception of a new mobility concept for the e.Go AG

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