Marken entwickeln

Your brand is your value. Launching a new brand on the market as well as brand management or brand relaunch must be carefully considered. Is it well positioned and distinctive? Is it understood?

Understanding brand perception

Brand perception in a competitive market is a decisive success factor. The performance of your brand comparing to competing brands build the base for your strategic steps in terms of brand communication. Both quantitative key figures and qualitative statements to associations are relevant here.

At Dialego you find unique online tools for implicit brand image measuring using BrandSculpture as well as data cockpits which deliver perceptions in real time, also across markets and world wide if required.

Tracking progress

Next to the survey at a certain moment, particularly the tracking of changes is directive. This is a way to analyze the impact of required changes in brand positioning.

Live report

Regular surveys are being incorporated automatically into the live report of the dashboards, making sure your decisions are always based on the most topical data.

Proximity to the brands visually presented in the BrandSculpture

Example of a research platform “developing brands”

Insight Research MindVoyager > Quantitatives Tracking with BrandSculpture > live-report in the Dashboard.



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