Market research in the age of digital transformation

We offer customized online tools and agile services for the individual dialogue between you and your customers — this is digital design thinking. The result: you develop new products and services faster and at lower cost, which means you gain technological advantage over the competition.

  • 1999 founded by Andera Gadeib, graduated in business informatics (Wirtschafsinformatik) & CEO, established expert in digitization matters
  • Dialego is online research pioneerÂ
  • Digital thinking & working is an inherent part of our DNA
  • Dynamics of startups & sustainability of the German “Mittelstand”
  • Portfolio of Bayer world wide up to WDR regional
  • Longstanding Expertise with more than 100 established research work flows
  • Various awards

bitmi_200pxAndera Gadeib, Director & Vice-President since 2015

bjdw_200pxAndera Gadeib, appointed member of BWMI, since 2013

Karriere_200pxAndera Gadeib,  Career of the year, Karriere & Wiwo, 2006

Prädikat_familienfreundlich_200pxDialego, family-friendly company, 2006

  StartUp_200px1rst place regional & state-wide contest, Top 10 national, 2000

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Once upon a time there was a little garage …

  • 03.1999: Founding of Dialego in a little garage
  • 03.1999: Launch SMAN
  • 08.1999: Move to the loft, our first “real” office
  • 04.2000: First panel in Germany
  • 05.2000: Start Up Competition McKinsey & Stern, 1st rank in regional and state contest, Top 10 national
  • 05.2000: German´s business magazine Wirtschaftswoche names Andera Gadeib one of the main 100 New Economy Entrepreneurs in Germany
  • 04.2001: Founding Dialego Inc. New York
  • 06.2001: Change of legal status – Dialego GmbH turns into Dialego AG
  • 03.2006: Career of the year – Andera Gadeib
  • 05.2006: FutureMarketShelf Test wins the Tool Prize of the BVM
  • 08.2006: Panels in Austria, Switzerland and France
  • 08.2006: Biggest ever survey world wide (Dove)
  • 10.2006: Nomination for “Best Paper Award” Category “Best Methodology”, Esomar, 2006 MindVoyager
  • 02.2007: Launch of our key Co-Creation tool VisualConceptMapping
  • 02.2007: Started our Dialego Foundation for Children
  • 03.2007: Start Dialego UK
  • 07.2007: Start Dialego France
  • 02.2009: Launch of our text analytics platform SemanticMining
  • 07.2009: Launch InnovationLounge
  • 02.2010: Headquarters move to the new stylish office in “Karmeliterhoefe
  • 05.2011: Launch of our new brand management tool BrandSculpture
  • 05.2011: BrandSculpture wins the Innovation Prize of the BVM
  • 07.2011: Dialego Foundation reaches a total donation amount of 50.000 Euro
  • 11.2012: The independent online software provider SmartMunk was established by Volker & Andera Gadeib. The startup takes on the Tools VisualConceptMapping, SemanticMining und BrandSculpture
  • 01.2013: Federal Economics Minister Phillipp Rösler appoints Andera Gadeib to the advisory board “Junge Digitale Wirtschaft”
  • 10.2013: Dialeg:o and infas start together the dialog about market research in 2020 “Mafo 2020”
  • 02.2014: Federal Minister Sigmar Gabriel appoints Andera Gadeib again to the advisory board “Junge Digitale Wirtschaft”. She is responsible for the group “Gesellschaft”
  • 04.2014: Dialego celebrates its 15th anniversary
  • 08.2014: Dialego was presented with the FIPP Award